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After 1hour & 20 minutes we phoned to see where our order was, and after having to confirm our address 5 times, we were told it would be with us in 10 minutes. It did then arrive in about 10 minutes which in total was over 1 1/2 hours after ordering. NOT HAPPY.

Belinda, 09 Jan 2021

Pre-ordered, very good service.

Angela, 09 Jan 2021

Good food

Adam, 03 Jan 2021

I feel compelled to write to express my disappointment in the service last night (31/12/2020). I appreciate that New Years Eve is a busy time which is why I ordered early 17:40, via the Just Eat app. The delivery time was due for 19:10. The food had not arrived by 20:00 and the phone was constantly engaged. Then on the app it said food had been delivered. It hadn’t. I then had to drive to the takeaway to find out what had happened. There were many other people there all in the same situation! I found out the food had not even been cooked, 3 hours after my order. I can empathise with your situation, Covid restrictions probably led to increased orders for takeaway, but as a customer I have to say this was not satisfactory. Some explanation of the order service, just eat app may help me to understand what went so wrong last night. Thank you.

Sarah, 01 Jan 2021

Ordered in advance at 11:55 for a 17:55 delivery. Had to call to hasten at 18:25 and was told they were very busy and it would be 30 minutes. Called again at 19:25 and food arrived 5 minutes later. Not great considering you had 6 hours to prepare and deliver my meal.

Ryan, 31 Dec 2020

Busy time on New Year's Eve - bit of a wait but food was good as always

Martin, 31 Dec 2020

Hello. We ordered a meal and the money came out of my account, I received a confirmation but no food has arrived

James, 31 Dec 2020

Evening Ordered at 5.40pm Informed delivery would be at 6.50pm. Now 8.15pm no food Tried to ring your number for 45 minutes still engaged.

Tat , 31 Dec 2020

Hi We collected our order tonight and chicken tikka masala was missing from Order - we tried to call but I know you were very busy - please can you contact us te refund for thus item please?

Adam, 31 Dec 2020

Where is my order?????

Nicky, 31 Dec 2020

Not arrived

Nicky, 31 Dec 2020

Not arrived and paid

Nicky, 31 Dec 2020

Waited over 2 hours for dwlievery when it was suppose to be 70 minutes unable to contact Them Good was luke warm

Angela Metcalfe, 31 Dec 2020

Hello again I still can not get through to your phone line and my take away is still not here 1.5 hours after my pre order time of 6pm on just eat. It’s now 7.30pm I phoned you at 6.20pm and was told 20-30 more mins as you were busy. That was now over an hour ago and it’s still not here. I’m afraid I’m really hungry now and do need to go and get something else to eat and request to cancel pls and I’d like a full refund thank you.

Meg Mosley, 31 Dec 2020

Hello I ordered my take away today on just eat Dec 31st and i placed the order in the afternoon and pre-ordered it for 6pm at 6.20pm I phoned to ask where it was I was told it would be another 20-30mins at 7.20pm a full hour after phoning you it still hasn't shown up and now the telephone line to you is engaged so after calling several times I can’t get through and I can’t know if my food is coming or whether to make alternate plans for our dinner? :(

Meg, 31 Dec 2020

Waiting nearly two hours for my delivery. Tried to ring constantly engaged.

Tanya, 31 Dec 2020

Always a lovely enjoyable meal

Craig, 31 Dec 2020

only place worth ordering a curry from around here, always hot, always fresh and delicious. We travel from frome to trowbridge to buy from these guys as we don't feel like any indian in Frome measures up to the Tale of Spice. Keep up the hard work.

Kathryn, 31 Dec 2020

Brilliant. Lovely food and very quick delivery.

Jerome, 25 Dec 2020

Delicious and delivered so quickly. Thank you

Jacky, 25 Dec 2020

Lovely thank you folks.

C, 24 Dec 2020

Always lovely food, and warm and friendly staff.

Sharon, 19 Dec 2020

excellent service and food would always recommend to family and friends.

Tim, 11 Dec 2020

Best Indian

Leah, 11 Dec 2020

Good afternoon. I ordered a meal from you last night through Just Eat ( Order No 108 595 3504 - 14 Hornbeam Road. Trow, BA14 0AF) . My food was two hours late being delivered which was very annoying and my guest left with no food. When the food eventually arrived the delivery driver said my next order would be 50% off. I would therefore like an email from yourselves please confirming this., so we both have a record for my next order ? Thank you Adrian

Adrian Grant, 06 Dec 2020

Ordered many times from Take of Spice, and will continue to do so.

Emma, 04 Dec 2020